Our produce

Our farm came from an understanding: The foods that are sold to you everyday and which form an essential part of your diet should not be sold to you with an asterisk of hundreds of hidden chemicals infavor of saving a buck.

And since then we have been working in the organic farming business for almost 20 years and in our time have made ourselves one of the biggest in Estonia.

Our produce

We sell our produce as whole, sliced, or even in wedges. On top of that, we can offer our produce vacuum-sealed, in organic paper containers or even just in a sack.
Some examples of our products can be seen in the product gallery.

There's also the option to come down to the farm and pick out the best ones!

Partnering and Ordering


In our time we have worked with many store chains, restaurants, schools, early childcare facilities and large manufacturers.

If you have interest in discussing partnership, then feel free to reach out to us!


Our pricelist can be seen here (Regular, HoReCa).

Orders to Tallinn and its surrounding areas: Orders before 12PM will be brought to you next business day.
Orders anywhere else: Agreed on a per-order basis.

Orders, which cost over a 100EUR will be brought to you free of travel.
Orders under the 100EUR mark will incur a 20 EUR travel charge.

Our Process

Through our extensive history we have used many different eco-friendly methods to grow vegetables. Here are some examples of our process:

To avoid pesticides, we wipe the field clean with a flamethrower!
We fight weeds with an ancient but trusty technology: hands!
Half of our fields grow melilot, the decay of which will be left on the field in order to become fertilizer for next year's harvest.

Short video about us (Estonian)

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